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World Earth Day

Save Earth Save Life
On 22 April the World Earth day is celebrated. So in order to sensitize the students about the earth being a living organism which is in its ailing condition, Inter House Activity of the month was dedicated to environmental issues. Students took pledge in the morning assembly to save Mother Earth. Posters, charts and models were prepared and displayed to build the awareness in this regard. A power point presentation was held emphasizing the need to conserve the resources for the future. The students also carried posters made on this theme and walked around the school campus. Huge banners were hung at prominent places in the school. The Principal Mr. Shaminder Verma enthusiastically visited the venues for different activities and appreciated the initiative taken by the students and their mentors. He also advised the students to alter their habits for the sake of healthy and prosperous Earth. The honourable Management members expressed their regard for the gifts of Nature to Human life and encouraged the mission of students.