Our Vision and Mission

For the name and fame of A. S. Modern Sen. Sec. School and above all, for the betterment of our students, our school has the following future plans i.e. for the Session 2017-18:-

A step closer towards achieving Eco-friendly Goals:

We will initiate by minimizing the paper work with E-teaching Mobile Application based interaction between Students-Teachers-Parents.

Introduction of Games:

In the Session 2017-18, the definition of EDUCATION in our school will not only include Academics but will have a broader aspect which will also include SPORTS.

Extra Attention:

Special classes for academically weak students will be conducted w. e. f. July 2017(to increase the qualitative result).

Strength of mind:

Apart from academic and sports the third aspect covering motivational speeches /moral education/prayer/ meditation/ counseling session of class 12th / personality grooming session etc. will be introduce so as to empower the strength of mind.

Comfort Zone:

Installation of AC in next session as to increase the efficiency of work.

National Competitive Exams:

Students will be notified regarding the most prestigious exam of India and of i.e. NTSE, Homi Bhabha Research Olympiad KVPY etc. and also extra classes will be started to prepare these exams. The session 2017-18 will actively participate in all CBSE competitions like Quiz, Olympiad, exhibition, games, music art and many more.

National International Tours:

“Without the knowledge of past the future cannot be making bright”. So as to know the history/ Culture heritage etc. National / International tours will be organized in holidays.

Wi-Fi Library:

Installation of Wi-Fi/ Computer in the Library to access data from the national/international libraries.

Ultra- modern Labs:

Fully equipped labs of science/ math/ commerce/ geography/ ASL / Fine Arts/ Music in the best infrastructure will be seen in the session 2018.

Updation of facility:

Teachers will be sent for various in- service course/ workshops/ public seminars to enrich their knowledge.

Health of students:

It is main concern of ASM in the next session, so regular medical checkup/ hygienic medical room/ hygienic canteen with healthy food A.S. MODERN SCHOOL will be known in the next session as completely English Speaking Zone with full Discipline.

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